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The lost boys travel

Ever dreamed of having your own paradise island? Well we did and last week we were able to chase that dream on a paradise island called Gili Kedis in Lombok Indonesia.

When we travel we love to meet locals and get to know about their culture. Not only see the country from a touristic point of view, but from local experience. Traveling with the lost boys was a very special kind of local experience. Let me start at the beginning of the trip. A view days before we would go on trip together with the lost boys they added us in a whatsapp group, from that moment the fun begin. Directly you got the felling that they are also looking forward to go on the adventure. It is for them not just a job; it’s their favourite way of living the life.

Tuesday morning the guys picked us up at the meeting point and together we drove to a small harbour in front of the island. While the local fisherman packed our boat we had a nice Indonesian lunch and were ready to go to paradise.

We arrived at the island Gili Kedis what we could call our home for the next 3 days! Kedis is a beautiful small island, you can walk around the island in one minute! As you can see in the picture the island is surrounded with coral, what makes it a perfect snorkelling spot. During the afternoon other people also find this island that is why the owner of the island build a small shop where you can buy coconuts and other snacks/drinks and he even build an (Asian) toilet. Around 6 o’clock everybody else has left the island and it’s finally your own paradise island together with the lost boys! Perfectly timed for us to see beautiful sunset alone!

After the sunset it’s time to set up the camp and clean the island from the garbage people left behind and/or came from the sea. The lost boys take very good care of the nature. This is thieir vision about taking care of our earth during traveling:

“Planet Earth is an amazing place, but it’s far from perfect. Since the very beginning by setting up our concept, Lostoboys Travel has the belief that travel is an exchange, not a commodity. When you travel with us, you’re giving back as much – if not more – than what you take away, often in ways you’d never expect.”

The camp they build was beautiful, the lost boys did think about every detail to make this camping spot an unbelievable experience. They placed the tents on the perfect spot so you could see the sunset and sunrise from your tent, put nice lights in the tents, started to make the campfire and prepare the dinner. Yes food!! A thing that we love very much! Our vision is that food brings people together, you learn a lot about other cultures while cooking together. You learn not only about their food, but also all rituals they have. Through food you learn about a whole lifestyle!

Guusje directly asked if she could be the co-chef in order to be a part of the whole process. The lost boys loved this and directly involved us in the process of cooking the meal. Todays menu: Grilled fish (Red sniper) on the campfire! Besides the grilled fish we also prepared some side dishes.

By helping preparing the meal we felt directly more at home and got more connection with the lost boys and the island. We already had tasted the Indonesian kitchen, but not prepared it ourselves. In this way we really learned about the Indonesian culture and all it’s cooking and eating habits. This helped us to get more connected to the Indonesian culture. At one moment during cooking all of were with our heads above the pan to see/smell the tempeh, Spicy water spinach, steamed rice and homemade sambal getting fried. The sambal was made with 24! small chili peppers. Way to hot for Dutch people, although Guusje could handle it quit ok. By putting our mounts in fire with those chilli peppers we tasted Lombok latterly, because Lombok means chili in Indonesian language;). 

Dinner is ready! In Indonesia most people eat traditionally with their hands. Something that we also like to do, but never can do in our Dutch culture. The best thing about eating with your hands is that you taste everything better. You get more connecting with the things you eat. You feel the structure of your food and when you eat for example fish, you can feel very good where the bones are sitting so removing them is easy. It felt more natural! They learned us how you have to eat your rise with your hands. We need some more practise time before we can show you guys how to do it. In a couple weeks we will put an instruction video online;)

Before and after dinner we needed to wash our hands very well. Not just with water and soap, but in island style. The sand on Gili kedis is very soft, so when you want to wash your hands you can walk to the sea and scrub your hand clean in the sea with the soft sand. By washing your hands in this way you feel even more connected with the whole island. You felt the pure nature! Food was definitely the common language this first evening. It was the perfect icebreaker and helping us to feel even more at home!

After dinner it was time for good campfire conversations, making music (the brought a guitar and a very good in making music and are very open for good fun conversations! Meanwhile the galaxy appeared above our tents and you where able to see some plankton in the sea. The lost boys know a lot about the nature and can tell you many stories.

Around 5.30/6 o’clock we woke up to see the sunrise from our tent. Very beautiful again!

This second day was time for chilling and snorkelling. They prepared a delicious breakfast for us what we could eat while having a beautiful look over the see and other surrounded islands. This second day we could chill and snorkelling all day! In the morning we visited the island Gili Nangu. A beautiful snorkelling spot with many big colourful fish. When we arrived back at Gili Kedis the island was again discovered by other tourists. The local guides were very surprised finding out that we slept on the island. Not many locals go camping, only the locals from Java. When we told how camping goes in the Netherlands they laughed very hard. They could not imagine we go to special places to camp with many other people surrounded and pay that amount of money for it. Camping Indonesian style is just finding a nice camping spot in nature were no other people are. Ofcourse we can do this also in Europe, but it’s much harder to find these places.

Around 6 o’clock all other guest left the island again, so we could see the sunset again alone! And time for dinner! Today we had grilled chicken on the bbq. Recipe will follow soon!

After dinner we had again a fun evening making music, telling stories and enjoying this lifestyle!

“Play, explore and never grow up”

As I said in the beginning, this trip is not working for the lost boys, it’s their lifestyle. Something that they wanna do the rest of their life. The boys are looking for their own Neverland to chase that dream. We hope you guys will find it, for sure we will be your first visitors!

If you like this way of traveling we definitely recommend you to contact the lost boys! Be a lost boy for a couple days and enjoy life the fullest and help them finding Neverland!

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